Rules and Regulations

Can you visit the Y if you are not a member? Yes
If you are not a member you are welcomed to visit as a guest. Adult Guest Passes are $8.00, Child Guest Passes are $5.00, and Fitness Class Pass is $5.00.

Can you visit the Pulaski County YMCA if you are a member of another Y? Yes
We will ask for the information of your local Y and verify that you are a current member.

How old must a child be to come to the Y unattended? 12 years old.
Children ages 6 to 11 may participate in fitness classes and use the cardio equipment with an adult (18 and older) WITH completion of our Family Fitness Orientation. 

Are shirts/shoes required? Yes
We are a family facility and ask that you are mindful of appearance, shoes are requires on equipment for insurance purposes. Shoes may be removed for fitness classes such as Yoga or Pound.

How old do you have to be to use resistance training equipment? 16 years old.
Anyone under the age of 16 is not allowed in the Weight Room even with an adult. Children may walk through the Weight Room with an adult in order to access our upstairs Studio located above the Weight Room. Please insure they do not play on any equipment for safety and insurance purposes. 

What amenities can a child under 6 years old participate in?
Children under 6 are able to play in our Gym, Racquetball Court, and Pool. 

If my child is under 6 can I bring them when I workout? Yes
We offer Child Watch in the evenings throughout the week. Children must be 2 years old and potty trained and parents must be in the YMCA while the child is in our care.

Fitness Classes

Do you have equipment available? Yes
We have hand weights, mats, and other class equipment available for you to use. 

Can I bring my own equipment to the Y? Yes
You are welcome to bring your own equipment with in reason. Please don't bring your own barbell and plates.The YMCA is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Do you have to sign up for classes? Yes and No
Some classes such as spin we only have a limited number of bikes available. Most of the time the Y will post a Signup link, or the instructors will have a Facebook group so no one is turned away. If you are interested in joining a class please email our Program Director at


Do you offer swim lessons? Yes
We have group lessons for anyone over the age of 3. Lessons occur the first 3 weeks of each month, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 4:30-5:00. Call the YMCA at (540)980-3671 for more info about signing up!

Do you offer aquatics classes? Yes
We offer both Shallow and Deep Water Aerobics! All of those class times can be seen on the YMCA's Pool Schedule.

Do you close the pool during storms/inclement weather? Yes
If there is thunder or lightning in the area, we close the pool for 30 minutes from the latest incident. The weather is questionable you can always call the Y to check if the pool is open. 

Can I drop my child off to swim by themselves? Yes, if 12 or older.
The YMCA policy is that no child under 12 be unaccompanied by an adult in the pool area. While you do not have to be in the water with them, they cannot be in the pool area without an adult present. 

Do you have life jackets or puddle jumpers available? Yes
We have both puddle jumpers and a variety of sizing in life jackets that are first come, first serve.

Do you have a swim team? Yes
The PCY Gators Swim Team is active during the fall and summer seasons for any swimmer between the ages of 5-18. If interested in more information, email