Swimming at the Y helps people thrive—in and out of the water.  Our mission at the YMCA is to help our community feel comfortable in and around water. With this in mind we partner with 5 of our elementary schools to offer free swim lessons to all second graders.  In our pool facility we also offer Group Swim Lessons, Water Babies Classes, Fitness Classes, Lifeguard Training Course, as well as a YMCA Swim Team. If you are interested in any of our aquatics fitness classes or just want to pop in and swim a few laps, check out our Pool Schedule. We do have a small facility so scheduling is key to allow for all these programs!


Group Swim Lessons include 6, 30 minute lessons that occur on Tuesday and Thursday evenings the first Three weeks of every month! Children must be at least 3 years old to participate. 

To learn more or to sign up for our next Group Swim Lessons contact our front desk at (540) 980-3671 or email our Aquatics director at 


Water Babies is a new class being offered by the Y starting March 2, 2021. This is a guided class where our aquatics director will help coach parents on basic skills that introduce your baby or toddler into the water safely and positively. See our pool schedule for days and times. 


We offer some of our fitness classes in our pool here at the Y. We offer both Shallow Water Aerobics and Deep Water Aerobics during the week. Both of these classes are great to get you moving even if you are a beginner or recovering from an injury. 


Our Shallow Water Aerobics class is done in the 3-4 foot area of the pool. This class is a great low impact cardio alternative for those with knee, hip, or back pain. 


This class is held in the deep end of the pool and again is low impact on the joints. This class is a high-resistance, total body workout for all levels. Equipment is provided and if you are uncomfortable in the deep end, participants are always welcomed to join the class from the comfort of the shallow end.