Events Hosted by the YMCA

Become a part of our YMCA community even if you are not a Y member! We hold special events at our Y, stay current on upcoming events by checking our Special Events Calendar and our Facebook page!


1st Healthy Kids Challenge: April the YMCA will be offering another 4 week challenge this time focusing on kids and families. Register for this challenge here  and help your family start making healthier choices a habit. It is $10 dollars to register and pick out your prize ahead of time. 

10th Scottish High Land Game Clinic: Have you seen the Scottish Highland Games in Bisset Park in Radford and wondered how to get started?  Well this is how, learn the 9 events and their rules as well as hands on workshops to teach you each event. Sign up here if you are interested  

24th Healthy Kids Day: Ferguson Fitness is coming to the Y and are setting up their kids obstacle course! All children welcomed but the courses are appropriate for ages 4 to 10 years of age. We will also have hooping classes and games for all ages! This event is free to the public!

4 Week Healthy Kids Challenge


Healthy Kids Day



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